Wistfulness: The old fashioned word we see in every woman

Our Milsen Smith Women’s division spends a lot of time talking to a lot of different women.  The one thing we see in all of them, despite age, happiness levels, income or relationship status, is a fleeting wish to be somewhere else.

The word fleeting is important here.  For most women, it’s a momentary (if oft repeated) whim.  But we have female spies in every female demographic and the wistfulness story is repeated everywhere.  Our 23 year old, lets call her Agent Sass, tells us her BFF’s are constantly thinking about holidays, wine, and where they’re going to find a good strapless bra.  In their heads they’re often on holiday and prepping their Insta poses.

Our 32 year old stay at home mum, Agent Sleep Deprived, has the thoughts more than most.  Her inner wist-demon shouts more loudly more often.  With soft smile fixed across her face she hides the wish to punch her husband in the head as ear plugs protect his beautiful sleep from the crying baby.  At that precise moment, she wants to be in a month long yoga retreat.

And what about Agent Golden (as in Years)? As she listens to her 68 year old husband bang on about his physical ailments with relentless regularity and increasing severity, she shuts her eyes and wishes on the stars for a recruiter to call and tempt him back to a consultancy role.  She’s not so much wishing to be somewhere else, as for HIM to be somewhere else.

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Emmy Smith