We think Generation Z rocks!

The BBC has just released some research that shows the generation of 16-22 year olds wants to fight back.  They’re not very in love with what us old farts think of them and, unsurprisingly, they have a thing or two to say about it.

I have to say I’m on their side.  Yes I’ve seen people in this industry who believe they deserve life delivered on not just a plate, but a silver platter.  I’ve seen the same people almost faint (whilst sneering) when asked to go the extra 10 miles just because it’s the right thing to do for the team.  But they’re not always the young ones.  They’re just as often the old, disillusioned ones who have a hefty dose of self-pity wafting around their tired old carcasses.  Oh there are some young’uns in there too but, whatever their age, they all soon find their way out the door.

Much more often I’ve seen Generation Z work themselves to the bone in the interest of their own development; I’ve seen them buzzing with ideas that could, if allowed to grow, set the world alight; enthusiasm of the sort that many of my aged peers reserve for a bottle of vintage port.  I watch my teenage daughters and wonder at the passion they and their friends have for politics, for the international community, for debate, for doing good.

And lazy?  I don’t think so.  When my friend’s 16 year old wanted to go on a school trip recently she got off her arse and got herself two jobs to fund it.  When she realised the pathetic teen minimum wage she was getting wasn’t going to cut it, she launched an Instagram page selling teen jewellery and, take note miserable Gen Z accusers, she set it up so she could help poor women in the Philippines too. (Pretty Freedom for any of you who are interested https://www.instagram.com/prettyfreedom1/).

I love Generation Z and I’m excited about their futures.  That also means I’m excited about what they can do for our industry and our clients.  So, if you’re young and you’re looking for a creative agency that wants your fabulous contribution (and you don’t mind going the extra 10 miles sometimes) you can always look us up.  We’re ready to welcome you. x


Emmy Smith