"We’ll do whatever it takes to understand your audience. If you want to reach young mums we’ll get down on our knees at the local playgroup to chat with them. If you want senior male execs, we’ll put our suits on and go to work with them for the day."

True understanding takes more than just analysis of customer data. It requires a humble attitude and a willingness to live the life of the audience so you feel what they feel. We will become one of them for as little or as long as it takes and our strategy recommendations are stronger for it.


“It’s all about entertainment. We help you engage your customers and keep them interested. We make content that drives behavior, that causes reaction and that keeps them coming back for more.”

We're not a legacy production house that has had to adapt our services to suit current content marketing requirements.  We know you need content that supports a campaign, and that might be film, digital conversation, in-store tech or any number of pieces of content that excite your target market. 


“There is really no substitute for a brilliant experience. It’s about a moment, a heart flutter, a surge of excitement. It leads to a loyalty that is tough to break.”

Experiences are no longer exclusive to brands that have a small customer list. You can reach millions of people through giving the experience to online influencers who will share, giving your experiential campaign credibility and scale. The experience may involve film, music, actors, artists – our people will devise exciting ideas for you and then project manage the whole event, working with partners to put everything in place perfectly.


“You put a bunch of passionate women in a room and what you get is so powerful it could light the night sky."

Are you a brand that wants to communicate with women?  MSW is a sub division of Milsen Smith staffed by a unique team of women, each of whom is individually and stunningly brilliant. They only work on campaigns directed at women and their passion for this work is unrelenting.   As a result you get ideas and delivery that are simply better. 

The team can claim speciality and expertise in all age ranges, from teenage girls through to young millennial women, those in their thirties and forties, fifties and sixties.  They’re a law unto themselves of course, with the confidence to boot. If you’re wise enough to have them on your team you’ll love the experience and your business will reap the reward.


"Whether you need a little bit of support or to hire in an experienced team to take the full load, we provide a totally bespoke service that is right for your business.  We deliver TVC’s, digital content, Out-of-Home or experiential assets, from small to large scale budgets."

We will lead you through the production process, engaging with only our most talented producers, to help you deliver a project your clients will adore. This service provides you with the chance to reach a broad and supremely talented pool of experts so you can deliver content that will really ‘WOW’ stakeholders. Supply us with a bare bones brief, we’ll flesh it out and deliver something magic.      


"Consumers love ‘beautiful’.  Our tech experts know exactly how to create beauty so your films are wondrous."

An audience gasp is what we’re all aiming for.  That’s why we keep evolving and adapting to new technologies, ensuring the delivery of awe-inspiring moments for you and your clients. Drone footage and extreme slow-motion are technologies that allow us to keep on thrilling you and your audience.