If people aren’t calling us crazy, we aren’t thinking big enough


Emmy Smith | Managing Director

A straight talking marketer, Emmy has the knack of cutting through and hitting an audience in exactly the right way.  She has an empathy that draws out the crucial understanding every brand is looking for.

She's also fiercely ambitious for her clients. "It's crucial in today's demanding media world that we think big first and worry about the logistics second.  People expect to be entertained and delighted by you and you can only do that by delivering content or experiences they couldn't possibly imagine.  Ambition, or an obsession with the customer experience, is where everything begins."

She started her career in marketing, then PR and external comms for Lloyds Banking Group.  She then moved agency side and worked for a range of financial services and FMCG brands including Barclays, the London Clearing House and Ribena.  A passion for business development led to campaigns that included Master Bakers (yes really) and the private hire of event space at Buckingham Palace.  Most recently she was Managing Director of the brand division of film production company Red Handed.    CONTACT EMMY

Lisa Golding | Head of Experiential

Lisa's formative career was in advertising so she has a razor sharp understanding of both brand and customer.  She now runs our experience team and brings some of the most exciting ideas to your table.  She’s been responsible for delivering the most incredible moments in her career with many credits to her name.  She’s faked bus breakdowns with Austrian royalty, arranged meetings with retired KGB officers in Moscow and thrown entire train parties in the Andes.  She’s the one you’d want at your dinner table - her stories are legendary. 

“It’s pretty wild.  I spend my days creating moments for people that are deeply memorable.  What we do gives a brand that incredibly connecting experience with a customer.  It's usually a connection that lasts a lifetime.” CONTACT LISA