Kaboom! Why B2B Films MUST Give Off Sparks

It starts with a simple spark and ends in a dazzling explosion of light, colour and sound.

When we’re presented with a brief for a B2B film we start with the assumption that fireworks are always possible. Evocative, tender, captivating and thrilling moments that tap into the deep well of audience expectations, wants and desires….after all, the B2B audience is a human audience, so move them we must. 

But how do we turn the simple spark of an ordinary idea into a spine-tingling, hair-raising audience experience that will drive the reaction our clients want?   

Whether it’s securing that £30 million investment, or supporting a global graduate recruitment drive, it all starts with us getting to the heart of the audience. 

We put ourselves in their shoes

The old marketing adage, “know your audience” just doesn’t cut it when it comes to making fireworks. Sure, it’s a start, but to find the ‘thing’ that will make the difference, we burrow like a Daschund on a scent. The more we understand about the people viewing your film, the better.

How old are they? What do they like? What don’t they like? How do they take their coffee? Why are they watching? What is it that makes them tick?  Where or what is their sweet spot? 

This granular level of understanding isn’t just audience housekeeping, it’s truly fundamental to the success of the film and we don’t stop asking questions until we know we’ve found the spark that will ignite.  

How do we define, “the sweet spot”? 

When you know, you know. There’s just no explaining it…but we’ll try! 

For us, the sweet spot is all about an unprecedented emotional response while viewing. Goosebumps, a tingle in the tummy, a gasp, a feeling of connection or a “eureka!”, thought provoking moment. We work hard to place ourselves in the audience’s shoes and we know exactly what it is that they’re looking for and how to go about creating these breath-taking moments.  

Transforming The Sweet Spot to A Result. 

The magic isn’t whimsical.  Once we know what emotion we have to tap into, we know exactly how to create the film that will deliver.    

Our tactics come in many different guises; every word of the script will be chosen specifically to get the audience to the right point, a glance to camera will be perfectly choreographed, a supremely picked soundtrack will elevate. Carefully considered camera angles allow us to frame subjects intimately in positions of power and defiance or can emphasise vulnerability and loneliness, heightening the emotion of what might normally be a straightforward shot.  So when we talk about B2B films that are beautifully crafted, that’s exactly what we mean.

Why does this matter?  Because B2B matters.  Because if you want to win that next big piece of business, or if you want to shift perception, or if you want to excite your workforce, you need to give your audience an experience, just like the best firework display, they won’t forget.

Gareth Peebles